Dolphin Gallery

The Art of Maureen Spinale:

September 30 - October 28

Join the Artist for a reception on Oct 6 @ 5:30 - 7:30

About the Artist:

Maureen was born in Portsmouth, VA but has lived most of her life in the Boston area. Her  love of drawing and painting began early in childhood. Her father was the creative soul in the family, and she believes that the artist in him was passed on to her. She spent a lot of time in the south , when she was a child, playing in Alabama's woods and creeks. There began her love affair with trees and the woodlands. Growing up was hard in those days, and with the loss of her father, she found refuge in those woods. Today she is a painter of trees. (

"My rambling through the woods have taught me many lessons. To be Still, to Listen, to be Present and see with my eyes and with my heart. There are so many links between trees and human health. Much needed for reflection on who we are. 

I’m just passing along what I have been given with my sight, my listening and presence, as I’ve walked through these woodlands. 

What would our world be without them."

This show is brought to you by the North River Arts Society

Maureen Spinale Tree

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